“Royal Paper Cups” L.L.C. is a Kosovar registered paper cup and cardboard packaging manufacturing company that is located in Besi, Pristina, Kosovo. We have been able to build a facility that is big enough (3000m2) to fit into the ideal of the standard paper cup and cardboard manufacturing company that we established.

“Royal Paper Cups” L.L.C. is already involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of drinking cups, portion serving cups and other related paper containers with the brand “Royal Paper Cups” that are primarily sold to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and consumers in Kosovo but we are set to serve a wide range of non-local clientele in the Region and European Western countries.


Regarding the fact that there are several paper cup and cardboard packaging manufacturing companies in the Region, we spent time and resources to conduct a thorough feasibal studies and market surveys so as to be well positioned to favorably compete with all our competitors. “Royal Paper Cups” will ensure that all the paper cups and cardboard packaging materials that leave our factory are of the highest quality, durability and affordable.

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Factory Location

  • Besi, Pristina, Kosovo
  • +383 49 638 838
  • royalpapercups.eu@gmail.com